Our original carpentry business started in the 19th-century in Naples Italy, by my grandfather Federico Serrao, whom by the way, I'm named after. My grandfather's specialty was "Finestra Napoletane" means "Naples Windows", a particular style of the19th-century window. He also created many unique furniture pieces (see picture to the right) with his hand-created tools. Using meticulous wax finishes, he made one of-a-kind pieces designed to last forever. Now these antiques are worth fortunes!

My grandfather always practiced the traditional custom of creating "art" from his craftsmanship, until he retired and passed along the business to his son, my father, Giuseppe. My father continued in this industry, carrying the company to a whole new level. His unique craftsmanship and dedication to clients was known throughout southern Italy. He developed new techniques, created amazing designs and grew his family-owned business into a successful cabinetry factory, but still remained true to the old school of craftsmanship.

As a child, I would always watch my father working with his hand tools and when I could, I would help. I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a craftsman. I spent many years working with my father who taught me the business and the rest I learned with my heart. Now, I bring my passion, experience, and expertise from Italy to you.